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Polished pewter WMF mustard-pot.

Vienna Secessionist style.

Germany – 1906

WMF mark

The Austrian Artistic Movement

Vienna Secession

In 1897 a group of Artists, such as Otto Wagner and his gifted students, Joseph Hoffmann and Joseph Olbrich, with Gustav Klimt, Koloman Moser and others aspired to the renaissance of the arts and crafts and to bring more abstract and purer forms to the designs of buildings and furniture, glass and metalwork, following the concept of total work of art and to do so they tried to bring together Symbolists, Naturalists, Modernists and Stylists.
They gave birth to another form of modernism in the visual arts and they named their own new movement: Secession (Wiener Secession). As the name indicates, this movement represented a protest, of the younger generation against the traditional art of their forebears, a “separation” from the past towards the future.

Another examples for the Vienna Secessionist Style

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