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This is a wonderfull and colourful set of art deco cocktail glass from the Bimini Werkstatte Glassworks in Vienna (Austria) in the 1930s. There are eight cocktail pick birds (one bird is missing) in a mercury stork. The pieces are all hand-blown glass. Like all Bimini objects this one is unsigned.


The Bimini Glass

The Bimini Glass Co. was formed in 1923 by Fritz Lampl in Vienna, Austria. Fritz Lampl and his brother-in-laws Arthur and Josef Berger, architects, started Bimini Glass. In 1938, Fritz Lampl emigrated to England where he re-established Bimini Ltd. in London and changed the name to Orplid Glass. Originally the pieces had a paper label “Bimini” but these labels are rarely seen anymore. Some labels say “Made in Germany”. Often times this glass is referred to as Lauscha and is difficult to determine the difference.


bimini-grapesbimini-mercury-boatbimini-mushroom bimini-umbrella


Josephine Baker Figure by Fritz Lampl - 1930

Josephine Baker Figure by Fritz Lampl - 1930

In 1925 the African-American dancer Josephine Baker escaped the restrictions of the racially-divided United States to become a sensation in Paris. Her erotic dances and risqué costumes, which included a skirt made of bananas, found instant success amongst Parisian audiences enraptured with all things exotic, as too did her menagerie of pet animals which included Chiquita the cheetah. Baker became a design icon in her own right and appeared on many objects of the period. In this glass figure she is wearing her signature banana skirt.



Josephine Baker"Pearls and Feathers" Lego Aguirre Personal Collection

Josephine Baker"Pearls and Feathers" Lego Aguirre Personal Collection


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Wonderful large murano venetian glass hanging fixture
with ambar trimming.
(Retro Italian Art Glass,1970’s)

Charming and very feminine table lamp in original condition.

Materials/Techniques: hand blown glass

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Pate-de-verre = Paste made from ground glass mixed with a binder is put into a fire-resistant plaster mould and fired in an electric kiln. The glass melts to form a vessel in the shape of the mould.



Peking Glass Fruit( Grapes)

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