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This Pierre Cardin from 1971 is one of my favorites of all time. A mechanical wrist watch fitted with handwound Jaeger FE-68 movements, the white circular dial with black hands, and plain bezel off-set to a translucent dark blue acrylic circular surround, fitted to a blue strap.

Width of watch head: 1.8 inch / 4.5cm.

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Pierre Cardin Space Age

Pierre Cardin gave fashion a constructive and futuristic look, geometric seams and hemlines reminded of robots. His clothes had the trappings of science-fiction and space travel. His fashion was similar to modern sculptures including asymmetries, sometimes it had big necks.

Nurses Uniforms by Pierre Cardin 1970

Pierre Cardin  a


In many clothes there are openings in contrasting colours. His collection was decorated with big zippers and belts. He made dresses out of vinyl, hammered metal rings, broaches of carpenters nails, and diamonds. Knitted catsuits, tight leather trousers, close-fitting helmets and batwing jumpsuits were all in his collections.

Pierre Cardin 1970

Pierre Cardin Bull's-Eye Halter Skirt

Pierre Cardin b


After designing collarless suits for the Beatles in 1963 and Nasa Spacesuits in 1970, Pierre Cardin launched his very brief Espace watch line in 1971. He was inspired by space travel in 1961, the cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space. Made of metal blocks, lucite cubes, layered disks, contouring arcs, smoky crystals, bold stripes or flying saucer-shaped Futuro domes, most are very rare and all are mechanical watches fitted with handwound Jaeger FE-68 movements.

1971 Cardin Jaeger Thick Distortion Crystal1971 Pierre Cardin Jaeger 21971 Pierre Cardin Jaeger Movement 9

1971 Pierre Cardin Jaeger Movement 101971 Pierre Cardin Jaeger Movement  101971 Pierre Cardin Jaeger Space Odyssey

1971 Pierre Cardin Jaeger1971_pierre_cardin_espace1971Cardin Jaeger C Shaped Case




CARDIN10cardin moonCARDIN

pierre cardin jaegerpierre cardin jaeger 1971pierre cardin jaeger 2pierre cardin jaeger 3

Pierre Cardin/Jaeger Marks

aaCardin6pierre cardin jaeger mark 2

pierre cardin jaeger mark 3pierre cardin jaeger mark

1971 Pierre Cardin Jaeger int

Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin

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