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This is an antique hammered copper cigar cutter in art déco style. Has great patina. As you can see in the picture, it is spring loaded. Insert the cigar, press down and cut. The cutter accommodates two different size cigars.

Country: Germany or Austrian


Marked: stork (in triangle) – Ges. Gesch. (The abbreviated form of Gesetzlich Geschutzt: legally protected, patented, copyrighted, used in Austria and Germany)

Another examples

  • The closed end (or head) of a cigar is the end that you put into your mouth, but you have to cut it, first. When a cigar is hand rolled, a cap is put on the head of the cigar to keep it from unraveling and drying out. A cigar should not be cut until you are ready to smoke.

J.D. Hogg is the “Boss” in The Dukes of Hazzard

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My Indian collection

Handmade copper water vessels (19th century)
Used for grain or water storage.



lat. aes cuprum
gr.: κϒψρος ‘kypros’: name of the island Cyprus, were copper ores were mined since prehistoric times.
Copper (Cu) has a melting point of 1083, 4°C.



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