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This is a very pretty Limoges porcelain centerpiece with floral décor and gilded. It stands on an ormolu (1) pedestal with two dolphins (2).

(1) A gilded metal alloy of copper, zinc, and tin used in France since the 17th Century for candelabra, clocks, and other decorative luxury objects, and for mounting elaborate furniture. It was adopted more sparingly in England from the mid 18th Century.

(2) The Dolphins of the Triton Fountain: This fountain Finished in 1643 and situated at piazza Piazza Barberini, Rome, Italy is one of Bernini’s more famous works. It is positioned in the center of the piazza, and its main figure is Glaucus – half fish half man – rising from an open seashell and below him four dolphins, which keeps his seat afloat.

Another examples

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