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Height: 13,5 cm
Material: Stamped metal

Leacock, Stephen, 1869-1944

“Love me, love my letters”

The use of ink for the first inklings of love.


Love letter of the year 1828 sent by messenger from Mr. Ardent

Heartful, The Hall, Notts, England, to Miss Angela Blushanburn, The

Shrubberies, Hops, Potts, Shrops, England, begging her acceptance

of a fish:

“Respected Miss Angela:

“With the consent of your honored father and your esteemed mother,

I venture to send to you by the messenger who bears you this, a

fish. It has, my respected Miss Angela, for some time been my most

ardent desire that I might have the good fortune to present to you

as the fruit of my own endeavours, a fish. It was this morning my

good fortune to land while angling in the stream that traverses

your property, with the consent of your father, a fish.

“In presenting for your consumption, with your parents’ consent,

respected Miss Angela, this fish, may I say that the fate of this

fish which will thus have the inestimable privilege of languishing

upon your table conveys nothing but envy to one who, while what he

feels cannot be spoken, still feels as deeply as should feel, if it

does feel, this fish.

“With the expression of a perfect esteem for your father and

mother, believe me,

“Your devoted,

“Ardent Heartful.”


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