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Germany 19th century Mägdesprunger cast iron table.

Mark “ME” with obelisk and “MUSTERSCHUTZ”

Marke, oval, Obelisk ME, Musterschutz mit Musternummer

auf dem Relief Henkersteg Nürnberg

Höhe der Marke 27 mm

Another examples for OBELISK tables

Mägdesprunger table design

Tables catalogue – 1908

Cherubs design, drawing

Fig reduced, Orig. carton level 380 x 440 mm

The piece is included in the Price-Courant 1893, LV 35, page 74
Pattern Book Museum Allstedt

It presents exhibits from the Horn-Mägdesprung collection of Allstedt castle, including early art cats following the tradition of the Royal Prussian Foundries, copies of items from past art epoches, and pieces by well-known artists like Antonio Canova, Bertel Thorvaldsen, Ernst Ritschel, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Christian Friedrich Tieck et al., among them the ironworks sculptors Johann Heinrich Kureck 1821-1889), Wilhelm Elster 1840-1912) and Wilhelm Elster junior 1869-1916).

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