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Many devices have been used to curl, wave, crimp or straighten the hair.

Some used heat, such as the curling tongs on display which would be placed

over the small spirit burner in order to heat them.


WMF – ostrich mark

I/O (Normal thickness of gilding or silver-plating, i.e. one gram of deposited silver spread over an area of one square decimeter)

OX (oxidized)

Did you know…the first real hair-stylists were the ancient Assyrians who

cut, curled and crimped their hair over 3,500 years ago.

Statue of Ashurnasirpal II Neo-Assyrian – 883-859 BC

Did you know…that the saying ‘keep your hair on’ is a reference to the

period when men wore wigs and would remove them to fight.

Charles II – Direct descendant of Louis XIII’s wig.

Did you know…that in the Court of Queen Elizabeth I, red hair became

fashionable and some women tinted their hair with saffron and sulphur

power to make it look red.

The Rainbow Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I by Isaac Oliver.


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