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Style: art deco

Age: 1900-1930

Specifics – Silver Composition: Silver plate

This wonderful silver plated pickle fork was made circa 1920/30. Ideal for cocktail onions and olives, gherkins, eggs, even sausages, cherries……the list goes on. This serving fork has a mechanical push button for item to fall off making it easy to eat. An amazing collector’s item and a great gift!


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Excavations in the 1800’s created an interest in Egyptian style in Victorian era jewelry. The Art Nouveau jewelry makers utilized Egyptian motifs; winged scarabs are a beautiful example, often with wings of translucent plique a’jour enamel. Discovery of King Tut’s tomb in the 1920’s made Art Deco jewelers interested in re-creating the style. In the 1960’s, the movie “Cleopatra” created another surge of interest in these motifs. Each era interpreted Egyptian designs in their own way. Scarabs, asps, ankhs, sphinxes, pharonic heads – these and other motifs reflected the art and history of ancient Egypt.

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This is a watch-winder compact with a very intriguing mechanism and a screw-in section in the bottom to hold the powder in place.


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